NeuroooYour translation companion

    Handling more than 100 languages, Neurooo shows resilience to spelling mistakes and allows you to set the tone of your translation.

    Neurooo relies on an artificial intelligence model (ChatGPT) able to understand the text to translate and its context more naturally, which results in better translation quality.

    The translations produced by Neurooo are often better than those generated by similar machine translation tools.


    Impeccable quality

    Hier soir, entre chien et loup, j’ai fait les 400 coups
    Last night, in the twilight, I had a wild time
    Last night, between dog and wolf, I did the 400 knocks
    Last night, between dog and wolf, I did the 400 moves

    Neurooo properly translates idioms that other services fail to understand.

    The default engine used by Neurooo (GPT-3.5-turbo) is trained on astronomical amounts of textual data in order to understand and generate natural text in any situation.

    This knowledge allows Neurooo to come up with very natural-sounding translations, subtly adapted to the context. This kind of finesse could hardly be achieved with an AI model developed solely for translation purposes.

    Deducing context, fixing mistakes

    tkt, je gère comme dhab
    Don't worry, I'm handling it as usual
    tkt, I manage like dhab
    tkt, I manage like dhab

    Neurooo undestands your intentions better than other services.

    With most machine translation tools, a poor source text will result in a poor translation.

    Neurooo can cope with sources that are poorly written, badly formatted or have an unclear context. It will provide you with a high-quality translation with the appropriate context and no spelling mistakes.

    Setting the tone of the translation

    Can you give me your opinion?
    Peux-tu me donner ton avis ? [informal]Pouvez-vous me donner votre opinion ? [formal]
    For paying users only

    Using the right tone is essential. With Neurooo, this option is available to all.

    You wouldn’t use the same tone to write an administrative email as you would in a text to a friend.

    In French, for example, “you” can become “tu” or “vous”, depending on the formality of the text. Only you can decide what's most appropriate.

    Neurooo allows you to select the tone of your translation with just one click.

    We are still working on improving Neurooo

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