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Keyboard Shortcuts to Translate Faster

The Tab key will become your new BFF ❤️

Didier Toussaint

Didier Toussaint

Developer & Translator

Who is Didier?

Didier is a developer at Neurooo.com with a translator background. He enjoys learning new languages!

Feel free to get in touch: didier@neurooo.com

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We have added a series of keyboard shortcuts that will help you work more efficiently with Neurooo.com on your computer.

TL;DR: watch the following animation to learn how to use these shortcuts:

Neurooo Translation Keyboard Shorcuts

Press Tab ↹ to navigate between elements:

  • source (your text)
  • translation
  • alternative translations
  • “copy” button

N.B. Shift + Tab ↹ to go back to the previous element.

Selecting (and copying) the translation

  1. Press Tab ↹ to reach to the translation: it will auto-select the whole translation.

  2. Press Ctrl(1) + C to copy it to your computer’s clipboard.

Tip: You can also use Ctrl(1) + A from anywhere (except in the source) to focus and auto-select the translation.

Picking an alternative translation

  1. Press Tab ↹ to reach the alternatives.

  2. Navigate the alternatives with the and arrow keys.

  3. Press Enter or Space to replace the translation with the selected alternative.


Any questions? Feel free to contact us by email to contact@neurooo.com.

(1) On MacOS, use the ⌘ Command key instead of Ctrl.
Published on May 28, 2024
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